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Vice – President Message

The new session is about to begin and the students are ready to join their next higher class in this college which is one of the leading girls college in Haryana and has consistently shown exceptionally brilliant results in the university examinations in the past.

Time was when a college was considered to be a place where students were trained in different branches of knowledge with the aim of equipping them with a degree which was a passport for a good job. But now it is being increasingly realized that mugging up the facts is not the only aim of college life. The object of college education is to develop the overall personality of young men and women.

The new entrants should note that the college is a place where their mind and personality can undergo a total transformation if they are inclined to do so. The education that is given here not only enables them to join a lucrative job but also inculcates in them love for positive values which will fill their life with sweetness and light and will marshal their mind which can control their activities and channelize their desires in the right direction.

This college endeavors to provide you education keeping in view the global standards. My piece of advice to young scholars it that they should invest all their time in this college in the job-oriented activities which are conducted under the supervision of teachers in this college. These will be useful to them after completing their studies.

I wish you a very happy and fruitful stay in this college.

Sh. Shiv Garg


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