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President Message

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself….

Society can’t become idealist unless each individual is endowed with virhies like generosity, integrity love and service, with a view to inculcate such virtues among the girl students, we are imparting not only bookish knowledge to the students but also practical knowledge about human behavior. of course girls, contribution in changing the existing scenario is praise worthy.

Dear students, our society has been contaminated by the evils acting as barriers in the progress of girls who constitutes half of the population.

Education is the only way to create potential in girls and the thereby lifting the status of their families, society and their on lives. I strongly appreciate our Prime Minister’s initiation regarding the campaign, ” Save the girl child and educate the girl child” as it has would proved a great step to generate awareness among people and to improve the status of women..

Only educate women can be more productive at work. Understanding this fact considering the barriers to girl’s education our management is trying their best to accelerate their empowerment by stimulating effective educational strategies, thus raising the standards of learning. Higher Education to girls will definitely accelerate the women empowerment as it will improve their caliber, financial independence and status. The whole hearted involvement of our staff in implying these strategies by creating an environment conductive to learning is a commendable effort to ensure success. Our students have also proved their mettle by bagging University merit positions not only in academics but by excelling in co-curricular and cultural activity also. The day is not far when the institute would turn out to be an inspiration for others.

Wish you a successful and bright future in life.

Sh. Vir Prakash Jain


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