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Sports Day


Our Sports Day celebration provides a great platform to the students to showcase the spirit of sportsmanship. The entire event turns out to be an amazing experience for the students, parents as well as staff members when they watch activities of aerobics, yoga and pyramid presented by young Presidians. This event works as a medium to channelise the abundant energy in the right direction and help children discover their interests in outdoor activities.

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Annual Theatre Program Of VGC


Annual Theatre Apart from inculcating the values of quality education, we also encourage students to excel in their innate talent in the arena of theatrics that make a palpable and worthy contribution in their overall development. In Annual Musical Theatre, students from senior wings exhibit various inspiring plays as well as dance performances. Every play showcased by students brings forth a catharsis of emotions right from Love, Joy, Disgust, Anger, Peace and various others that leave an indelible mark on the spectators.

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